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My previous 126 was an '87 560SEL. Wonderful car if it has been taken care of properly. Change all the fluids every two years. Change the oil every 3k miles. Keep the tank filled with premium gas (ouch, I know). Replace the track rod joints when needed. Keep the front end aligned and set the tires to about 36 PSI. Car will go faster than most people (or the law) can handle. I really don't know how long the engine will last. Mine was running fine at 350k when the little girl totaled it. Probably somewhere south of 200k you'll want to replace all the rubber hoses and such in hte intake system, including the 8 fat ones betweenthe two intake manifold sections. Replace the injectors at the same time. Not cheap, but will make a big difference. You found a really good deal. Enjoy the car and ignore the fuel costs.
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