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There is a chance that I will need to replace my engine's Injector Control Module (LH-SFI). Local dealership wants $2240 for a new one.

I've put in a message to to see if they have one. Still waiting on a reply. Beckman in N. Carolina did not have one.

Do you know of any other sources for this type of part?
Is this a simple pull and replace? Can you pick one up at a junk yard? If so, how can you test them?

The vehicle has 4 control modules in the box located in the rear passenger of the engine compartment. The one I believe that may need replacing is one coded with a green triangle with part# 016-545-13-32. There is also an "LH" on this box.

The three other boxes are coded Black, Grey and Orange. The Green one has "ABS" on it so I think I can figure that one out, but does anyone know what the others are for?

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