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Well I got out all the bolts on top. I did not strip any of the bolt heads. Some did squeak as they came out. I labeled them as I took them out, so I would be certain to put them back into the same hole, since they are different lengths. I think there were 15 bolts. At one point, I did pry, and there was one centre bolt that I had missed. But after getting her out, I used a small crow bar to pry at the front-end, but still no luck.

Thanks for tip about the EGR tube. I did see the end of it down there beside the throttle body.

How tight did you put those bolts on? I put them on about 40-45 NM, with never seize.

I saw a 1-2 ton engine lifter at Costco. I guess I better get one.
1989 420 SEL
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