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Originally posted by Dr Parts
Yes the numbers are for European and the US dealers do not recognize those numbers, but they are the lenses that fit the 124 headlights 94-95 US also, I use to sell them all the time, if Bill can not get them I guess you could always call Bekkers, I know that they still have them.
I too have found that the 94/94 124 Euro lens can be
used . This make the Euro conversion easy and short money as the US version already has the H2[9003] and fog set-up.
I have found that the beam pattern on the US is kind of
a Euro copy, but not as defined a cut off. That is the lens design.
The Parts Shop price is the best I have seen, but if they don't have them, Capital lighting does for a few more $$$'s.
To the original poster-- If you are going to change out the damaged lens, might as well do both with the Euro's.
I have noticed 94/95 US lens for sale on ebay, but that is because the owners have found out about this convenient change and are buying the Euros as a replacement.
Supposedly, E code is not DOT legal, but I would not worry too much as you are improving your lighting.
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