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I thought I got out all of the bolts because there were no more bolts on top. If I recall correctly, there were 4 bolts at the rear, 2 at the front, several along each side, maybe 3 or 4 along each side, about 3 in the centre. You might say there were 4 at the front, but 2 of those 4 were also on the side.

Are all of the bolts visible from the top? Do all of the bolts have the same type of head? Are there some on an angle or horizontal, not visible from the top?

I think those gaskets turn into epoxy glue after a few years!

Is that pay site It talks about V8's from 81-91 but doesn't mention specifically a 1989 420 SEL. I'd hate to pay the cash and then findout its for a 560 which may be different.

The car is all back together now. This job takes me a day and a half, like abou 12-15 hours. Next time I go at this, I just to be sure I get the job done. All advise and recommendations is appreciated!
1989 420 SEL
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