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Well, the car was recently purchased from Houston.. and the problem seemed to begin down there.

So, my choices are to buy a new one (around $1800... no way!), or buy a used one from a salvage yard ($200 - $500) and hope it solves the problem. Unfortunately, via salvage, I will probably only be able to find the original computer, and not the replacement version that MB recommends.

A third alternative (just a thought anyway) would be to send my computer in for a chip upgrade at (let say) It would cost me about $325 with a one day turnaround. Hopefully they will check out the entire computer to make sure it is up to spec. Heck.. .it would be nice if I could get a salvage one cheap and then send that one in! Hmm... I'll have to pursue this one a bit further. Has anyone dealt with these guys?

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