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I feel for you guy, its a real stupid thing to split a family up over. Its not like your the president are you? I dunno what you can do about it though, the election is over you cant go change your vote? but i dont know if I would worry too much. Unless you got some real strange family members they'll probably get over it. Our entire family is not talking to eachother, got nothing to do with the election, good thing too.

Kirk, if Kerry would have won, it would not be religious fanatics, but anti-religious fanatics. The left is just as far out as the right. You even said that! And if you're really worried about division, think of how much more divided we'd be in this particular election if the popular vote had lost. More unhappy people then there are now. And you might like Bush a little more this time because he doesnt have to run his presidency based on a campaign. Like Fallujah, if we'd done like we did now last time, he'd have caught hell for endangering too many lives, killing too many people. Now it doesnt matter!

I'm afraid and gonna have to second boneheads comments. I still respect you though
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