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The difference between Bush and Kerry is like the difference between Dumb and Dumber. Anyone who took this election seriously needs a big hammer to the head reality check. The president does not run this country, BIG MONEY does. All of the misdirected anger and hatred, pure foolishness.

This is what the media are all about, misinformation and propaganda. If they can misdirect the anger and hatred they have done their job well. If they can tear your family apart, even better, divide and conquer. Why do we have two political parties? Gotta have someone to blame, it is all a dog and pony show.

It is all about the love of money, stupid. As long as the lobbyists can buy the politician's votes, the system is corrupt and it doesn't matter who gets elected.

/end rant
And that's the way it is. Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear. I reserve the right to be wrong, others take the liberty. My posts are not intended to be complete, just enough to help you find your own answers. Don't let the Relevance Paradox get you.
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