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This is a follow-up on the klatta-klatta noise that our C36 is making.
We've noticed that it only makes it during idle, and it sounds like its coming from the timing chain/cam sprocket area.

Via the diagnostic port, we can activate/de-activate the cam-advance solenoid.
When activated, the sound is gone.
When de-activated, the sound comes back.

Does the intake cam sprocket assembly get noisy, or could this be chain stretch?

Could this contribute to no high-end "umph"?

Our only testing is with the stock 300TE exhaust (single cat, single O2-sensor), so we are now fabricating a dual-cat and dual O2-sensor free-flow exhaust that will mimick the C36 exhaust system.

Any other ideas?


:-) neil
1988 300TE w/AMG'd M104 (aka, C36)
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