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Sent: Monday, March 12, 2001 9:45 AM
Subject: Several odd things concerning the motor behaviour - Cable worn out

I have been having mercedes for 12 years and after a 230E W124, I have now a E 220 Coupe (Year 1994).
Since November 2000 this car has odd engine behaviour. The actuator close to the carburator was suspected by Bosch and
for 2 weeks now the car is out of order and in a mercedes garage.
The problem seem to be coming from an injector, then from the computer (or calculator) and finally the problem is due to
cable insulation. The cable wires going from Bosch Computer to the different parts of the motor are worn out:

The cable ISULATION has been CORRODED BY THE ACID of the battery.

I don't think that is a normal for a brand as MERCEDES !
Has somone already heared or faced a such problem ?

AS I sent this contribution to the news forum several days ago, I have to do some updates:
the wiring harness has been replaced, but now the ECU (Engine Control Unit) is dead and as to be replaced.
ECU Bosch ref: 0261 200 442 ==> new Bosch ref 0261 203 230
MB ref 015 545 9532 ===> new MB ref 016 848 5532 Price about 1100 dollars (VTA included)
> Thanks C Lafontaine
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