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Inexpensive compressors are

Easy to make or buy:
I made a set to hold springs when compressed to hold them when lowering the jack while the car is on jackstands. Made them from 1/4" X 1" steel flat bar and with a torch bent one end in a U to accept the spring. The other end bent at right angles and drilled a hole so a 3/8" bolt would slide through easily. Made them about 2 1/2 " long and cost almost nothing. Have used them for over twenty years now and have been invaluable. Just use good grade 8 bolts with them.

To buy an inexpensive set go to NAPA/Genuine Parts as theirs have the forged hooks and safety retaining bolts
for less than $30.

The big pneumatic or V clamp with a bolt tightener are usually too big and cumbersome to fit a Mercedes.

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