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Originally posted by David C Klasse
catching up with benzmac???

David, since I am on-line again...

The power roof and windows of the early C classes can be controlled with the doors closed and the key in the ignition lock and turns into pos.1 (or 2). When the key is out of the ignition and one of the (front) doors is opened, you should be able to control the power roof and windows as well (this was changed by mercedes on the later models).
If you lock the door after you left the car and keep your key turned for a while, you should be able to close the power windows and roof as well.

If you have the front door open ant the key out, can you control the windows?
Can you control windows and roof with the door lock?
If you cannot control either windows or roof, you have a problem with the "comfortbetätigung" (however that is called in english). The relay for the power windows and roof is in the trunk behind the battery. There is an additional relay for the comfort-closing feature in the trunk (above the additional fuse box) and there is a comfort-closing fuse in the additional fuse box in the trunk.

If some features are working well and the roof is may have some features messed up by the after market alarm (since you posted a problem with your central door lock button before)...

Do your windows and roof close when you lock the car with your alarm remote? (mine does...)

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