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The poffertjes are still doing well. Personally I like the bigger pannekoeken but nevertheless, the poffertjes are very good to eat.
You have been in the Netherlands???

I think that you are the only shop member with a fair chance to catch up with benzmac. Just keep enlisted for another 4 years and keep posting at any possible thread; you will get there...


You're welcome; it is nice to hear that your problem could be solved that easy. I don't know why the US models do not have that switch. I read that in a thread about auto shifting some weeks ago. Anyway, I like that switch. It makes it possible for me to be a little social in traffic.

Is your SL a 12 valve or 24 valve? (the US only had the R129 300SL-24)

1990 300SL-24
1993 C250D
with a minor 600+k kilometer
(the Netherlands)
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