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Ok, realizing that the light output on my car is abysmal, I wish to upgrade them. Of course at first I just figured I'd get some Euro lights from Bekkers or such, I've seen them on other cars and think they look great and the light is much improved. Here's the problem though. I live in the great Commonwealth of Virginia where we have and annual safety inspection that of course includes headlamps and their aim. I spoke with 4 different mechanics at 4 different state approved facilities, and they all said that "you come in here with Euro lights, I will fail you on the inspection. Lights must be DOT..blah blah blah". So, am I stuck with the crappy light output on the car, or are there other options. Mabye a headlamp swap with a later model would be better, I don't know. I hope you guys can come up with some ideas for me.

Evan Lewis
'86 300E 140K miles
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