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This is my car's spec:

C200 Sport 5sp auto

Metallic silver paint
6 hole 16" alloys
Sports suspension

Sports seats with black cloth upholstery (manual adjustment)
Faux carbon fibre trim
Manual air conditioning
Electric front windows (manual rears)
Power mirrors
Remote power locks
8 speaker package
10 disc CD changer
4 airbags

er, that's about it.

I can't say I miss the other stuff. My dad had a 97 model 7er BMW for a while, that was fully loaded and we never thought we'd cope without power memory seats, tv, all that stuff, but the reality is we never used all those toys. The replacement car doesn't have those things, but it is a much better car, nonetheless. European cars are starting to come with a fuller spec list, but I'm not sure it makes them any better, just heavier.

MBenz might disagree!
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