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Bad day for me. On a 20min. easy drive to the beach, I saw the temp gauge shot up to 100-105 deg. I knew something was wrong. I opened the bonnet and gosh, blue coolant was splattered all across the engine bay , and smoke was emitting from the radiator with a typical hissing sound.

I opened the radiator cap an hour later, only to find that it was as dry as a bone inside. Took me 3 litres of water plus some MB antifreeze to bring it up to level again. While I was pouring, the radiator was leaking. Had the car towed to the workshop, but because it was a Sunday, I could only know the outcome tomorrow.

My question to fellow forum members is:

1.Apart from replacing the radiator, are there any other parts that could be damaged by the overheating? A friend suggested the engine gasket and seals might be damaged, or even worst, an overhaul might be needed. Is that true?

2. Are there any parts that I should replace together with the radiator, since I'm getting the mechanic to do it anyway?

3. Any other tips or advice that I should know?

Would appreciate any input, thanks!!

1983 W126 (280SEL)
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