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This link shows what the US headlights look like on US cars.
This is a 500E - 300/400/E uses a fog light with opaque striations instead of the clear driving light. The lights don't really have much of a visible pattern, everything just sprays out in all directions with no clean edges. So much light is wasted this way that the lights are very poor. In the rain you aren't sure they are even on.

Before I switched to Euro lights, I tried an experiment to convince myself that the US lights were really the problem, and not my aging eyes. I installed the +30 9004 bulbs and then followed my wife home from the dealership after picking up the car one evening, and left the beams on high. I didn't tell her before hand I was going to do this, or that I had changed to brighter bulbs. During the entire 10 mile trip, I was not flashed by any oncoming traffic, and she didn't switch her rear view mirror to anti glare. After we got home, I told her I had the beams on high, and she couldn't believe it.

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