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Originally Posted by 230/8
Just curious, your description indicates the 67 has a 350 Chevy and a stock trans and rear end. Is that a stock MB trans and rear end? If so, how are they holding up and what did you do about an adaptor for the Chevy V8 to MB transmission?


We bought the car only a few months ago, and the previous owner had done all of the conversions on this one. It IS the original Mercedes transmission and rear end though, although I haven't crawled under it and closely inspected the bellhousing and what sort of adaptation they had to do to make this work.

As far as it's driving, it drives wonderfully. The 350 and the Mercedes Tranny/Rear End work beautifully together. Plenty of "get up and go", and the 350 doesn't seem to be overwhelming the rest of the car. It definitely performs better than my '68 did with it's original straight 6. It isn't a "dog" off the line. You hit the pedal, and it goes...

I haven't tested it's top speed yet, and more than likely never will.... It does over 70 MPH without straining, so I'm happy....

If you'd like more info on the conversions of both of my cars, as well as torque specs and lots of other info (I researched the torgue, HP, weight, and all sorts of stuff), look for a post I made that was titled something like "Non stock tires and wheels, and motor too...". You can go to the top of the vintage Mercedes forum and look for the sticky post named "108 Converters, please read". My post is linked in that post....

If you have any other questions, please feel free to address them there...

1967 Mercedes 250S w/ 350 Chevy V8, stock transmission and rear end.
1968 Mercedes 250S w/ 229 Chevy V6, 350 Turbo Transmission with shift kit, and 1981 Corvette rear end.
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