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Originally posted by MBenz

= comfort closing.

This is a particularly useless feature: you hold the lock button on the remote control and the power roof and any open windows close. It is useless because you have to know they are open, and then hold the button pressed until they are closed. More often than not the key remote transmission is interrupted.

Alternatively, you can turn the key in the door lock and hold it in the locked position until any apertures close.

This is useless because it is much easier (and more comfortable) just to close the window before turning off the car and getting out.

The power windows in my car do not operate with the key in position 0 or removed from the ignition, even with a door open. However I remember that our '88 W124 300D did this.

By the way, the air conditioning is rendered less effective if windows or sun roof are open, apart from when the car has been parked in the sun and you have just got in. I think you probably knew that already!
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