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Johnson Chan
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Well, I have to be the odd ball out again. CJ is correct, I have a 92 300D 2.5 with 290,000. Has it had any major repairs? YES! I had to replace everything on my car, with exception to the engine, but it did have a valve job and another valve job is needed soon.

So far I have spent about $20,000 or so on repairs, parts, labor, etc. on this car. Do I like it? Hmm yes kind of. It isnt too small nor is it too big, gets about 30-36mph (depending how you drive, climate, flat or mountainous roads, etc.)

Overall I guess I can say its a good car. I mean with those kind of miles on it, one would expect to replace a lot of parts. Watch out for the transmission it costs $4000.00 to replace it with parts and labor at the dealership (with new flex disk and new torque converter). Valve jobs are about $2000.00 at dealership.

Cautionary note: Make sure you have it checked out first, if your not carefully, you can EASILY spend more money to fix the car than what you paid for it.
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