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Greetings to All,

Just letting all those that have one of the older Benz's 20 years or so old that there is hope for your big dial analog clock. After reading many post on this topic I decided to pay Radio Shack a visit and pick up a couple of the capacitors 272-1028 that will probably bring life back into your old non-working clock as well. Just remember as it wasn't mentioned on previous posts that the ground for the clock is a soldered pin that sticks through the back of the housing and must be unsoldered before you can remove the clock from it's metal assembly. Also the best way to remove the instrument cluster is to pull the lower kick panel off and push from the back. Don't forget to unscrew the speedo cable and pull the other two power connectors as well as unthreading the oil line from it's gage. Sounds time consuming, and it is, but it beats looking at a clock that takes up space and doesn't do anything. With any soldering experience with circuits, it can all be done and reassembled in less than an hour, minus any breaks.

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