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Emilio - I think its a global standard to have the switches. We have them in the Asia-Pacific region too.

MBenz - Ya, have been to the NL a couple of times since the past 20 years - the latest being 3 years ago. Really love the place, the food, the flowers/tulips, the ppl but not the taxes.

We have very fond memories of NL always. We were also there when Heineken was kidnapped and released over the winters months some 15 years ago? And when a member of your royal family married an Asian.

Anyway, back to Benzes.

I drove the 300SE yesterday on 2nd gear, just so to work up a high rev. I havent really had any opportunities to drive at high speed so I figured driving at 2nd with the rev at 5,000 rpm ought to do the engine some good. Thing is, I have been having a fair bit of carbon built-up and reckoned this ought to do something good for the engine.

Maybe I should get a can of techron and fill 'er up?
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