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Larry Zupkosky
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Originally posted by jeffsr
Ignition switch is a safe bet. If you turn it to start and you get nothing, no clicks from up front and a couple more twists produce the desired result, then it's dirty or defective. Do you have a heavy key ring? This is a known issue for ignition switches. There could also be a problem with you neutral/park cutout switch , which is located on the trans. If you try to start in park, try putting it in neutral. If that works, see if you can duplicate the problem repeatedly. Then you will have good information for your tech to work with. Troubleshooting labors costs are inversly proportional to the amount of time it takes to solve the problem.

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I get nothing when I turn the key. No clicks! I DO have a heavy Key ring? It is a 92, first I will attempt to clean it. When it first happened last fall I thought about the cutout swith and placed the car and netural and it started. However, it was just that one time it started. Last fall and today it failed to start in neutral.

If I must replace the ignition switch what is involed?
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