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Ok, I have a slight "blumpclounck"..(love these sound effects!!) when I turn my wheel at very slow speeds...also when I hit a slight bump at very slow speed. It is on the passenger side.I pulled rims and shook, rattled, moved all the parts and I think I have isolated the problem but now I have no idea as to what to do to fix.

The problem appears to be 1) the trackrod was slightly loose at the wheel knuckle and could pop back and forth a little when moved. I tightened...and 2) the intermediate arm appears to be loose as I can wiggle it slightly. It appears to be loose on the mounting end e.g. the BIG bolt(pivot??) end that is covered by a heat shield.

What should I do here. Should I get new parts and replace the pivot bolt and the track rod balljoints? In other words is there something in there that fails..hence the wiggle...or am I just a victim of a loose bolt. Also how hard is it to r&r these items....I am fairly competent DYI'r. I have handled most bolt on replacements on my 300E(brakes, alternator, water pump etc) and have a fairly comprehensive tool collection....any tools I should have to do this job that are out of the oridnary?? Thanks much!!
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