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Hello guys,

I'm lookin' at close-up pictures of the headlights on an Euro '94+ W124 vs. a NA '94+ W124 in a magazine. The lenses between the two cars appear to be the same, in terms of the etching on the glass. I was under the impression that the difference in beam pattern between the Euro vs. NA for '94+ W124 was due to the difference in the actual reflector assembly that is used. Furthermore, I am lookin' at the Bekkers Catalogue, and they make no differentiation between the Euro vs. NA replacement headlight lenses for '94+ W124. I called into the lighting department at Bekkers, and the man on the other end confirmed that Euro and NA lenses are the same for '94+ W124's...and that the difference is in the reflector. This makes sense to me, since the reflectors are actually what is directing the light into the concentrated beam pattern characteristic of Euro lights, and disperses it randomly in terms of NA lights. The actual lense would do very little in terms of actually directing the beam. I think this is confirmed by how the actual aiming mechanism works in a headlight. When you adjust the X and Y rotation when aiming your lights, you are actually moving the ENTIRE reflector + bulb while the headlight assembly, including the lense, remains fixed. This can be seen by the fact that the beam PATTERN does not change because the bulb's position relative to the reflector does not shift during the adjustment, but the POSITION of the beam changes as you adjust the X and Y positions. From an engineering perspective, it wouldn't be logical to use the lenseas a critical piece in this situation for creating the beam pattern since the position of the bulb (light source) relative to the lense will always shift during the reflector is the key to creating the beam pattern. I think this is best written up on this website:

Furthermore, if I am wrong, and *IF* directing the light is a combination of BOTH the reflector and the lense, and assuming that the Euro lenses ARE different, if he were to pair up his original NA spec '94+ W124 reflector with a new Euro spec '94+ W124 lense, I question as to how effective this combination would be, since the reflector + lense were never meant to be used with each other. Maybe somebody can call in just to double check? Furthermore, I see the part # listed for the Euro version of the '94+ W124 headlight lense...does anybody have the part # for the NA version of the '94+ W124 headlight lense, so that there is no confusion if two versions of the lense does actually exist? If they do have two seperate part #'s, does anybody have the means to do a visual comparison between the two lenses just to see if they are different, because I don't see any difference...also, doesn't the Euro and the NA spec headlights use dual filament H4/HB2/9003 bulbs for high and low beam, and H3 for the foglights? I think there was a typo in a previous post...
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