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I just finished that stage with my 560SEL and here's how I did it even though its not the proper way. I used an elbow swivil on my 8mm hex drive to get at it. For the rearmost bolts there wasn't really another way to do it. Before I get anyone gripeing about usng a swivil for torquing, I tested it out on the center bolts by applying 20Nm to the first bolt using the swivil, removing it and checking to see if the bolt moved any more when torque was applied striaght on. It did not move, just "click-click". To make sure I wouldn't overtorque the bolt using the joint I then applied 30Nm without the swivil, then attached the swivil and checked the setting. The bold did not move, again "click-click". Basically, while I didn't want to have to use the swivil I don't think its going to hurt anything. This may or may not work on your car, I have yet to fire my car back up as I'm still working on re-attaching my exhaust and intake manifolds. After that I guess I'll see.

good luck!

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