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your front end loosness


I had this happen to my '86 300E. the Tie Rod end(on the end near the tire) got loose, as well as the Drag link(that's the long bar that goes from pitman arm to idler arm(pittman arm is on your steering box, idler on passenger side)). It was a simple matter to lift the car, unfasten the nuts, and use a pickle fork to seperate the arm. Then of course attach in the new parts, then of course get the whole rig aligned at a shop VERY familiar with MB's. Some may say don't use a pickle fork to seperate the parts, as it ruins the part you are taking off, but if you are replacing it get the picture. While you are at it you may want to replace the steering damper, very easy to do.

Good luck!!!
Evan Lewis
1986 300E
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