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thank you for the übersetzung...

Sometimes the comfort closing does not work, like 5% of the time...If you activate this feature several times in one row without leaving the comfort closing feature sufficient time to "rest", the comfort closing will not function properly. You have to give it some time after you have used it...
I think mercedes changed the power windows and roof in 1997 (with the model change). It is not possible to control windows and roof of an after 1997 model C class without the key in the ignition lock.

I have an after market alarm system as well and when I close my car (with the alarm remote), it automatically closes all open windows and roof.
I know you have an after market alarm as well and had some troubles with the power lock button on the dash. Maybe these problems are somehow related and are caused by the installed after market alarm.
There is a fuse and a separate relay in the trunk for the comfort closing. I presume these are not worn since your doorlock still activates the closing windows.

What do you mean with trunk release? Do you mean the switch on the center console or a button on your remote control?
I have a 1998 trunk lid on my 1993 C250D. The later trunk lid locks are vacuum controlled; the early trunk lid locks were 100% mechanical. The 1998 trunk lids can be controlled by a switch on the center console (since it is vacuum controlled) and I have the wires present but did not find a proper switch yet. The newer mercedes models have one panel with 4(+1) power window switches, power side mirror switch and trunk lid release switch...and this panel is too expensive to buy and cut to pieces to get the right switch out of the panel.

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