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I did mention I did change the guide seals which is why I posted this. I was confidant that was the problem and when changing them didn't change the oil consumption I was confused and came here. I was suprised it had no effect. I'm anoyed at myself cause when I was changing the guides I thought about releasing the pressure and wiggling the valve to see if it was loose, but like I said I was confidant that was the problem so didn't bother. I did notice there was a lot of black stuff on top of the piston but I don't know what that means.

An update on the oil consumption, I had been using 30 weight and switched to the highest viscosity for the motor to 20W40 and the oil consumption droped by half to a quart every 1400 miles which I can live with. As far as leaks go that much oil would make a big mess and the engine is fairly clean although there is some oil around the head gasket. A question is do the intake and exhaust guides wear the same? I'm guessing half the oil is going out the exhaust so it wouldn't bother the plugs. I'm just woried about the catalic converter.

The other place the oil could go is the PCV. As near as I can tell it just pulls through an orfice in the top of the valve cover so there is no valve to act up. Someday I may check it and see what I can see.
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