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I'm aware of the adaptive transmission, having used the excellent steptronic ags transmission from BMW, Audi's less effective adaptive transmission and the Porsche tiptronic system (which is adaptive when left in D).

It is certainly the case that if I open the throttle very quickly, the box shifts down, whereas if I roll on the throttle gently, but to the same wide opening, it retains the same gear selection. Similarly, the transmission learns to hold the gears longer after a consistent period of zipping about. It also follows the warm up programme.

What surprised me is how unwilling the box is to change down at motorway speeds. I do drive gently most of the time, but I would expect the transmission to change from 5th to 4th when travelling at 70mph when the accelerator is pushed quickly passed the kickdown switch detent. It doesn't do this. Yet if I really push against the floor, straight leg, back wedged into the seat(!), it eventually downshifts. Is it meant to be this unwilling?
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