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Joel - after all the time we spent on eliminating the wind noise, it had to!

FYI - this is how we detected the affected areas, i.e. of evident wind noise.

We used musking tape to tape all the window corners, i.e. where the rubber seal is located by the window. We needed some to help us tape, thus not possible to do it alone. Its better to tape all 4 doors for maximum effect.

Then we took the car at 120 kmp or whichever speed it mattered, and then listened. If there was no wind noise, then we would stop and remove section by section. Once removed (in stages) we drove again at the same speed and observe the wind noise.

From there, we were able to know which side of the door was most offensive (so that the moderators could delete the offensive bit).

From our experiment, we found the drivers door to be the most offensive, but were very disappointed the moderators did nothing about it

So, we focused on the door (since the moderators neglected to do something) and got it realinged, tightened, etc. etc. and thus the result was very very much better.

Choose a nice sunny day to do this. You wouldn't want to get out of your car while its storming outside.

Its a Tuesday morning here (used to be A&W's coney dog day).

Have a great day to all, Moderators included.

... Kerry

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