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Here's a silly problem I guess, but maybe you can keep me from trying to fabricate something in my garage.

Behind both the front seats and the middle seats in the wagon, above the windows, there are fittings on each side of the car's interior that, according to my local MBZ dealer, are there for the cargo net/divider that was an accesory option when the car was new. These fittings apparently receive the cargo net portion of the divider. The dealer wants $1250 for a divider, plus installation. I'm not about to pay that kind of money for a divider, especially one that I don't think will keep a determined dog from coming over the seats and trying to join me in the front of the car.

I want a good, sturdy divider that will keep the family dog in the back end. I purchased an aftermarket divider that shoves a wire screen up into the headliner, and I'm afraid that I will eventually damage the headliner if I continue to use it. Does anybody know of a good, high-quality "dog-proof" divider that won't screw up my interior? Otherwise, I was going to try to make something in the garage that will use those fittings to run a bar from the left side of the car to the right, and attach the screen to the bar.

Any suggestions (other than to take out a loan) are appreciated.


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