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The odometer on my 300E has stopped working again. The first time this happened I took it apart and found the shaft that holds all the numbers had shifted to the right, which disengaged the gear that rotates the shaft. The gear itself seemed to be held firmly to the shaft, but it no longer meshed with the gear that drives it. My original fix involved pushing the shaft back into place so the gears would engage again. This was 5,000 miles ago.

I reviewed the archives and found several posts with similar problems. I could not tell if the fix for these would work for my "disengaged shaft" problem. One fix involved using Loctite Sleeve Retainer #620. Would I be able to place beads of this at a point on the shaft to prevent it from shifting and disengage again?
A local speedo repair shop has quoted $75 to fix the problem which involves a rebuild. Any ideas?


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