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Jason M.
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I dont know if his specs were right, but he is reffering to the minimum(By law) thickness of the disc itself. You can read this with a micrometer, all shops and parts stores that resurface or "Turn" rotors have to measure the thickness to see if the rotors need replacement. Anyway, 500 bucks sounds really really steep.... You can get the OE parts from Partshop for about $50-60 per rotor, and $25-30 for a set of pads... overall about $150 for premium quality parts with no sales tax.. There is even an Do-it-yourself article on this site that shows you how to do a brake job on your specific car with very basic tools. Give the DIY section a look and then cruise through Fastlane parts, you might find auto maintenance an interesting hobby

Best of luck and welcome to the forum

Jason M.
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