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If you will read my post under "Traded My Mercedes for a Lexus", you will understand why I would say get your father a Volvo. I understand that my experience seems not to be the norm, but it is my experience, nonetheless.

I bought a 1975 Volvo 240, a new model at the time. It had a lot of new model glitches. By the time I got to 20,000 miles, there had been so many problems I considered getting rid of it. However, Volvo continued fixing everything beyond the stated warranty period. After reaching 25,000 miles, everything was fixed apparently and I then drove the car another 100,000 miles with no problems at all.

When I moved to another car, I sold the Volvo to my daughter and son-in-law who used it for a number of years.

Incidentally, I too am 72 years old, so I understand why you want a reliable car for your father.
1979 240D
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