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John CH
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Jim and Jeff,
Thanks for your response. Turns out that 2 leaks are verified at this point. Head gasket and timing chain gasket cover. I was able to slow the leak substantially by switching out the Mobil 1 synthetic and going back to Pennzoil. The leak is about 1 quart every 1800 miles or so at this time. Couldn't believe how the synthetic oil altered things. Also, there is no evidence of the car using oil. No smoke, tailpipe has no crud build-up, and the plugs are clean as mentioned before. Also, in relation to the head gasket, there is no coolant loss and engine power is unaltered. I've put off the repair of the two gaskets 'till the leak gets a little worse. The engine has about 160,000 miles on it and repair records show head gasket replacement at 35,000 miles and 96,000 miles. You'd think that it wouldn't crop up again.
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