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Greetings all,

Don't seem to be a pain, and yes I did read the manual and followed the directions I think to a tee but still confused.
I am trying to adjust the start of delivery on this beast which I imagine has a '79 engine in it, the number on the side rear of the IP is RW375/2200MW19 Trying to adjust the start of fuel delivery on cyl. 1 has been a venture. I would say this pump is the MW style as stated in the serial number. I pump the primer pump after getting to the general start of delivery location on the dampner wheel, maybe 1 degree off if that. After pumping the manual pump to rid system of air, and fuel is flowing from the test tube, it just quits and maybe one drop may follow that, no dripping at one drop per second ect. What am I doing wrong? If I leave it sit for a few minutes, I see air bubbles form in the return line from the injection pump to the tank/filter fitting, then the prime seems to be lost all together.

Help with any info to get this set up right or replace perhaps a part that has gone bad. Have a feeling the primer pump is leaking fuel back to the tank in reverse flow, via a bad check valve perhaps. Let me know what you all think.

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