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Rick Waltman
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I bought a 1979 240D with 275,000 miles which apparently has a broken timing chain. The quick question is: Is it possible that the motor can be feasibly repaired by a gifted ;-) diyer? Or is the motor usually shelled after a chain breakage?
Ok now for the long story:
This is what I know to have happened and how I purchased the car. The previous owner said she was driving the car on the interstate, when the motor died on her. She tried to restart the motor, but it wouldn't. She looked under the car and noticed a puddle of oil on the road and then called her son-in-law. His roadside review was that the timing chain was broken and the head was cracked. She then gave the title to the tow truck operator on the spot. I bought it on the tow yard's auction not knowing any of this. Thinking that for 225.00 I can't get hurt to bad. The motor does not spin over, but the starter engages and doesn't turn the motor. I'm thinking the broken chain, (if that is the problem) is wedged in some tight spot. The valve cover is cracked where the chain rides. I can see the chain through the crack and it is obvious that it is not where its supposed to be. (to high, maybe even doubled upon itself) I'll will pull the cover this weekend to learn more, but I don't see where or even if the head is cracked. (the son-in-law may have meant the valve cover) It shows about 1/2 a quart low on oil. What should I expect? And any direction or advise would be appreciated.
Rick Waltman.
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