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Of course I am, Longston.

Its always a job requirement for our company technicians to check, and "bleed" (though its just really opening a nut at the bottom of the tank and letting the H2O out, and then tightening it back just when some traces of diesel can be seen) the diesel tanks when the buses are scheduled for their fortnightly service and inspection.

Maybe its only applicable for buses. Then again, our company 4-wheel drives (SUV you call it?) had to undergo the same mandatory function. Hence, I thought it applies for all diesel tanks.

I am even more sure because I incorporated this procedure into the driver's checklist in the event they spot excessive black smoke coming out from the rear (as advised by the HINO technicians during a workshop conducted for our drivers and maintanence crew).

From your note of surpise, maybe car-diesel tanks do not require this method of maintanence.
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