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When you say pressed in on that lower ball joint, do you mean a tool other than the three pronged puller with the threaded bolt down the middle that would push it into place? You'll probably gasp at this thought but what about a large socket or metal pipe fitting that would fit over the top of the new ball joint and tap it in that way? I would imagine that the lower joint would have a large amount of pressure on it since it mounts in from the top so it probably takes a hydraulic press? If that is the case, does the whole control arm have to be removed to have that done? I hope not, otherwise that rascal is going to be expensive to get replaced! I was planning on putting the car on stands, putting a chain down the middle of the spring with metal bars at each end to prevent the spring from coming loose and then using a hydraulic floor jack to move the assembly up and down, use the pitchfork to break the joint, hammer from the bottom side to get the old joint out and then using the puller to reinstall the new joint. Will that not work? While I have it broken down, I was going to have the disc rotors turned too.

Please advise. I really need to get this resolved as I use the car for long trips required by my work.

Thank you!
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