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I changed the fan clutch recently on my 104 engine (bearing bracket also). The very next day car started to overheat in trafic (did so before, but in the summer, not when its 40F outside !). Few days later the water pump was changed. Still overheating the same way.It looked like the fan clutch was not ingaging so the tech sugested new radiator . I instaled that, still no change ! Whent back to the shopp, the tech agreed to replace fan clutch again at no cost, but said that its probably the head gusket (?!) Can this be true? Can head gusket afect overheating?
In the past 3 weeks I instaled new fan clutch, bearing bracket, water pump and radiator, about $1,300 for cooling system and now I am looking "down the barrel" of aanother $1,500 please help !
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