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Thanks, guys. It's beginning to look like major surgery. Maybe I shou;d have stated my reason for needing the info in the first place. Here goes. In a previous post I had inquired about the very dim turn signal indicators in the dash. The consensus is that's normal and my dealer says there's no fix. However, in discussing the problem with the manager of the shop that put in an alarm system for me, he said they could do the electrical work by adding an LED to the system which would give ample light, but he was reluctant to get into the instrument cluster area without some guidance. I told him I'd check this valuable web site for directions. Of course they are very knowledgable about the electrics, accessing panels, working under the dash etc, but as far as pulling the steering wheel--I don't know. That sounds like a job for a trained MB tech, right?
Anyone got an idea of how to add an LED to the system?
Thanks harcar
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