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We are trying to add phone support to FastLane and also international support. Hopefully, we will be able to support Canada soon. It is basically a function of getting our suppliers to agree to drop ship outside the US.

The main reason FastLane is FAST is because we ship directly from our supplier's distribution centers to our customers. Since we have several distribution centers to choose from we can often select one that's close to the customer and reduce shipping time and cost. The shops have been used to this kind of service for years. We are just bringing it to retail consumers.

We have LOTS more in store to make MercedesShop even better than ever. We are just taking things a step at a time by doing what we can afford. We don't want to over-extend and become dot-gone!

One other comment...
While I try to respond quickly to all e-mail's I get, I AM NOT a parts expert. Our parts expert is PARTSMAN and he is available by submitting a Parts Information Request in PartsShop. He answers parts questions for us Monday - Friday.

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