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j shepardson
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thank you everyone. i got my switches out and cleaned them but still no cigar.
3 of my window motors still do not work and the other i just found out has the arm broke off from the window
ie: rivets no longer attached.

dumb me i took apart the mirror switch to clean that out as well and now it keeps popping my fuses
is there a way to tell which direction the little white box goes, it's not marked in anyway and when i got it apart, the box fell out and i cant figure out which direction it goes.
i'll probably be better hitting up the olé junkyard and grabbing one.
eww one more thing i did remove the wood plate and it is amazing how much change you can find just lying there lol

but out of curiosity how to i change the light bulb in my gear shifter. something tells me thats going to be a pain job.
and just too the left of the gearshift box there is this little plastic piece that came out it really dont seem to do anything and now it wont go back in it kinda looks like a T

thank you all again

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