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Unfortunately the fuse for the sun roof is the same fuse for the rear head rest. Yeah, I had accidentally pulled my headrest up and they will not go down. I'm guessing they are electronically operational and not at all manual.

Oh well, I can live without that (mini) sunroof, but the rear head rest is another issue.

I have 116k on my 92 400E and I Love Her. I will wait till I have to take her in for the 120k before I get any work done.

I do have another question does anyone have an idea has to how many miles the 400e will probably get me, considering keeping the car maintenance fit?

One more question, I have had the powersteering pump resealed about 6 months ago howwever, my power steering level has dropped to the minimum level. I see no leaking in my gararge or parking spaces. Just curious..
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