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Uh, No...

Originally posted by Mike Yox
To remove the wood panel on the console, pull up the carpeting aft of the wood and you'll find a phillips head screw holding a tab down on the back of the wood piece. Remove the screw. Using a credit card, pry off the black plastic piece that protects the shifter opening. Now carefully lift the wood piece from the rear, and the switches will separate and the wood piece will come out. There are two tabs in the front edge that tuck into the lowest vertical piece of wood on the dash.
Not on an W-126, '83 300SD!

Sorry Mike, but you are wrong!

To remove the center console, you remove the ashtray, unscrew the two phillips screws to remove the ashtray holder, then remove the change tray, and gently push the wood panel of the consloe forward until it releases.

And jshepardson, that little plastic piece that looks like a "T" is one of two, and needs to be pushed back in until it's flush. As I recall, you need to have the gear selector in a particular position to do this, and you might even have to wiggle the shifter a little while doing it.
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