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2000 C-class front suspension question

Hi all,

subject is a 2000 C280.
I have just replaced the righ front swing arm (as the bushing were bad). (I found that it was much easier than it was on any of my previous cars )

Anyway, I thought that the bolts that go into the bushings (that attach the swing arm to the frame) are going to be excenter bolts so shops can easily adjust camber and caster. To my surprise they were not, and I did not see an obvious way to adjust the suspension (other than a special tool or pry bars). So, how do shops do this? Also, does this mean that Pep-boys (and alike) will not be able to adjust my suspension to my satisfaction? (I have to take it in for a wheel allingment now). Does anyone know a trustworthy place where they do allignments in the DFW area?

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