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I received some of the parts for my repair job today. This time I got the Febi tension lever instead of the Lemforder, because it was more readily available for shipment. Looking at it and twisting the bearings some, to me the Febi seems to be the better manufactured part. So, if you're loaded and want to see the difference, order both and send one back. [ I'm not loaded just unlucky enough to have to buy the same part twice now. ]

Underneath the tension lever, I had a relatively large diameter, thick washer. Maybe an inch wide or so. Did others also have this washer on their cars?

Its interesting to compare the 602 and 603 tensioner levers. They both use the same part, and both switched from the same "old" version to the same "new" version. The washer behind the tensioner lever is sold for the 602 engine, but not for the 603 engine [ in the Performance Products catalog]. Since I presume the timing chain cover I purchased is the very latest version - is there any reason I might be better off if I buy the later tensioner lever?

Guess I might have to follow my own advice and order the later version and send one back. I'd also be interested, if anyone has the AllData recall notices or technical service bulletins for the 602/603, if there was anything in there about belt tensioner.........

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