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Ken, that washer belongs there on pretty much all the OM602/603 models, up to a certain engine number (mid-90's break somewhere). I don't think any USA engines used the new (OM606- part number) version of the tensioner setup. I'm not sure if you can retrofit the new parts on the old engine or not - might be an expensive experiment. The later setup still has a washer, just a different (606-) part number. Oh, and the 602 & 603 both use the same washer, according to the EPC - the PP catalog must be in error.

On a side note, the belt SHOCK has changed numbers a few times and oddly, some engines roll from part X to part Y, while other engines retain part X, meaning it wasn't a straightforward replacement - I always wondered why. The correct, latest part number for our 603.960 engines is 604-200-02-14.

I still haven't touched my car yet - I need to re-assemble the E500 first, then move the cars around so the dead diesel can get the engine removed. That reminds me - you gonna attempt this with the engine still in the car, or will you pull it out? Seems like a lot of contortions and lower back pain to attempt this with the engine in the car, unless you have a lift...!
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