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Hey David,

I think you better start looking for the next possible mod...

The later, after "97, C classes have express windows on all four windows. I guess that you want to know whether you can retrofit these into your car??? The right answer is NO.

If your car is a late 95 it has the switches of the windows and power mirrors combined under the panel. The wire harness (some 35-40 wires) goes partly to the relay (windows and roof) in the trunk behind the battery. From this relay the wires go to the doors and in these doors the wires go directly to the motors.

On the later C classes the panel that combines the power window and mirror switches and the trunk release button has a connector with 6 wires only....These wires go to the doors and in each door is a separate relay to control the window (and mirror)...

So to retrofit this system in your car, you would need a different panel with switches, a different wire harness, 4 additional relays, 2 new window motors for the rear doors and a lot of luck to get all windows, mirrors and roof working as they should.

It is easier to push the button a little longer...

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